Pre-Departure Briefing for Students from China & Ukraine to Caucasus University,Georgia

It is truly a blessing that we were able to organise another pre-departure briefing program for our students transferring to Georgia from Ukraine & China.As a team, we are extremely grateful for the success and proud to be a part of our students dream of becoming one of the finest Medico.The event took place at Ceeco office premises and was truly a get-together for all the parents and students travelling to Georgia.The event was hosted by Sruthi, Students Counsellor and Haridasan K R,Manager Ceeco International delivered the welcome speech.

Abdul Khader, Chairman of CEECO International, delivered his presidential speech warmly welcoming students and parents to Ceeco family.He addressed everything under the sun for parents as well as for students travelling to Georgia and acknowledged the trust they placed on Ceeco assuring the future of their children.

Dr Rajesh Gubba, Faculty of Medicine,Arise Medical Academy inaugurated the function with his truly motivating speech and and what they can expect from their academic year and post their graduation.In his speech, he gave an inspirational perspective on what it means to be a medic and their social responsibilities towards the society.

Greetings were extended by Dr.Jazeer Abdul Khader, Director of CEECO International.Thanking everyone and welcoming them, he expressed his gratitude. In addition to addressing the students Dr Jazeer gave Pre- Departure Briefing to students and acknowledged the parents in the hall and their passion for securing a better future for their children.In addition to giving an insight into what to expect when arriving in Georgia, he also discussed what to do and what not to do when traveling and things to carry to Georgia.Wishing all the students a bright future ahead he concluded his speech

To felicitate the function Dr Jothin Ben, was called up on the stage to give out his valuable words on foreign medical graduates and how each every student should spread their own wings and not to be dependent on others.

Parents and students were given the opportunity to share a few words about their experience with Ceeco and how the admissions and visa process went for them

As the event came to a close, Jaisheel C B, CU Administrator In-charge, offered his vote of thanks and acknowledge the students and parents presented in the function