Why Should a Student Prefer Medicine Abroad

Why Should a Student Prefer Medicine Abroad

In a country like India where becoming a doctor is considered to be a prestigious job and a lifetime achievement, the journey to acquiring the title is not a piece of cake for the aspirants. Every student faces a similar struggle in trying to crack the NEET exam and get admission to the best medical colleges in the world for MBBS or Medicine courses.

With marks dangling between the high and the low, there has always been a constant battle between opting for government or private colleges. It is impossible to qualify for the government colleges if the student’s score is not up to perfection, whereas, if they do get into private medical colleges, they might not have the means to afford it. Adding to the misery is the inadequate number of institutions and seats. Thus, the medical education system in India needs to be revamped in terms of quality, quantity, and affordability and this is when studying abroad becomes the best resort of the dreaded students.

1. A Quantitative Deficiency

As per the data circulated by the Medical Council of India, there are 606 colleges in India that offer MBBS courses and the annual student intake is 90,675. Amongst these 46 medical colleges are under-deemed universities while 276 are private institutions. NEET (medical entrance) exams are taken by approximately 1.5 million students every year, out of which only 8 million becomes eligible for admission.

Out of these only 45,000 acquire seats in government colleges while others are pushed to find a spot in private medical colleges. The remaining candidates need to look for affordable study abroad programs in countries like Georgia, Russia, Moldova, Egypt and many more. And if at all they are unable to find any suitable university, they need to look for a career change.

Therefore, there is a quantitative deficiency when it comes to medical colleges and this issue has been flagged by the Delhi High Court as well. The court says that this situation is crushing the dreams of numerous students who want to study medicine in the top medical colleges in the world.

2. A Costly Affair

The owners of private medical colleges believe that every aspect of the medical training system in India seems to be overrated. It is over-regulated with unnecessary essential requirements related to the number of faculty members, land, nurses and administrative staff, etc. These requirements incur a huge cost in opening and running a medical college and this aspect has not been touched by the new act.

With the constant increase in the number of applicants and the need for high scores, the option of succeeding in a medical career often seems slimmer. A student’s life might often feel gloomy and frustrating as there is a significant amount of compromise involved. They are constantly struggling to fight the need of changing their preferences or shell out an exorbitant amount of money. In this situation how about opting for studying abroad?

Studying abroad has become an increasingly popular trend of late. The doubts, worries, and misinformation make a lot of students and parents apprehensive about studying abroad. But, once a student is determined to do their MBBS abroad, the number of opportunities available to them is plentiful. That being said selecting the right country and the right university is extremely crucial. This includes the cost of living, safety, quality of education, recognition of the university, living environment, etc. But now that studying abroad has become much easier and more accessible for students, it is not much of a costly affair. Students who are deserving and have the zest and passion can live their medical dreams abroad. Furthermore, receive a world-class education, internships, better job prospects, high paying salary, and more.

3. Familiar Challenges On Foreign Lands

The students who miss government colleges and cannot afford to pay the sky-touching tuition fees often find themselves in a tough spot. While there are some who give up on their medical dreams, others look for solace in countries that offer medical education at an affordable rate. Countries like Georgia, Uzbekistan, China, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Russia are some of the best countries to study abroad as they see an influx of Indian medical students as their fees are two times lower than what it is in India.

Moreover, studying abroad comes with its fair share of challenges. Once the students are done with their course overseas, a screening test of the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination awaits them back in their home country. The ones who clear this test are only registered as doctors in India. Furthermore, the new regulations of November 18, 2021, imposed strict conditions on students going abroad, which makes it even more difficult for them to accomplish their dreams.

4. Investment Dilemma

Now that we are assessing the problems of shortage of medical institutions, it is essential to comprehend the impediments to setting up such facilities. While the seats to the aspirants ratio are skewed, it isn’t the only reason why students look for study abroad. Pragna Rao says, “The soaring costs of private medical colleges in India coupled with a negligible number of seats in the government colleges are a major deterrent for students.

In the history of medical education in India, nearly half of the medical seats in India are in the government sector and the fee structure is quite easier on the pocket. The only alarming issue is that the number of seats is dreadfully inadequate. This is why some study abroad counselors suggest that it is best for aspiring students to plan for overseas education as it will not only change their perspectives but transform their lives.

There is also some section of the experts who believe that the government should not only allow to open medical colleges but also affiliate them with stand-alone hospitals so that students can receive proper training However, there are others who refute this notion as hospitals have their own business, targets, and interests.

Education counselors and experts feel that medical abroad is more affordable and beneficial for the students. This is because they can not only avail top-class education but also get a chance to explore various cultures and live amongst numerous nationalities. With the borders being closed for almost 2 years, education consultants are now paving the way to fulfill the ambition of many hopeful applicants.

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