CEECO International scheduled the Zoom Webinar with the Students of Guangzhou Medical University to discuss the worries that they had pertaining to their Medical Course In China amid the Pandemic. The meeting was arranged on 9th of September 2020, where all the medicos & their parents were invited. They were given the platform where they could raise their concerns they had . The meeting was hosted by the Director of CEECO International Dr.Jazeer Abdul Khader.

Dr.Jazeer walked all the participants through a small presentation where he reassured the medicos that, complete assistance shall be provided in India on their Visa and Travel back to China, as soon as the pandemic is over and upon the orders of Ministry of Education. The meeting was then continued to a discussion session. Throughout the meeting, CEECO International tried its best to raise the spirit of the students and answered all the queries regarding the Online classes, Visas, Exams, Practicals, Internship and travel back plans, to the best of their satisfaction. Good and smooth interpretation between the students and the University was promised to all.

More than 90 medicos with their parents attended the Zoom Meeting.