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Campus tour for Guangxi Medical University 2019 Batch Students

Ceeco International never failed to do its professional duties. Since 2013 Ceeco successfully enrolled 100 students to Guangxi Medical University. The year 2019 was also a successful year for Ceeco International. Ceeco international with its professional duty handles the enquires of MBBS from the nook and corner of the world. The enquiries were taken to next stage by the coordinators of Ceeco International. Students aspirings to study MBBS in Guangxi Medical University approached us directly and counselling was given for the mbbs admission. Their admission process was further taken forward once all their documents were submitted to our admission officers. Ceeco checked all the documents and helped the students get the admission Letter within a week and they received the JW 202 for their China Student Visa. We have tied up with good and reputed Visa agents who help us get the Visa process done for all the students within the given time. Ceeco took the key responsibility to apply for the students visa and booked the flight tickets for students once their travel date was fixed. We completed enrolling 100 students to Guangxi Medical University with triumphant.
Ceeco International has also been as supporting pillar for training in foreign language. Ceeco International organised basic Chinese classes to 2019 MBBS students of Guangxi medical university. The basic Chinese classes were conducted for one month and the classes were handled by Mr. Ravi Ranjan. The coordinators of Ceeco arranged the food and accommodation for the students who came from different part of India for the basic Chinese language training. By the end of the classes, HSK level 1 examination was conducted for the students. The students actively participated in the examination and scored good marks.
Not just the success in admission but CEECO International successfully completed its 15years in 2019. These 15 years of fabulous journey of Ceeco International was celebrated on October 2nd 2019. The day was filled with enthusiasm and excitement. The freshmen of Guangxi Medical University were also invited for an orientation programme on the same day. The orientation session was handled by Dr.Jazeer Abdul Khader , managing director of Ceeco International. He delivered the instructions regarding the rules and regulation of china and Guangxi Medical University, travelling procedure, opening bank account in China, fee payment, sim cards, and currency exchange, to the 2019 MBBS batch students.
On 25th October 2019, with accompany of Ceeco International the Guangxi medical university students from Kerala flew to the beautiful city of Nanning, China. Students from different states travelled in a group with our coordinators who took good care of the students in their entire journey. The coordinators of Ceeco arranged pick up for the students from airport to the campus of Guangxi Medical University. The journey from the airport to campus is 40-50 minutes. All the basic room stuffs were arranged by us for the ease of students to settle down. Indian Halal canteen within the campus of the University is of a great help for all the Indian students who crave for Indian Food in China. Students enjoy variety of Indian food from Indian halal canteen.
Upon the arrival, the first work to do is to get the Police registration done from the nearby police station. The police registration must be done by each and every student who arrives to China within 24 hours. Ceeco had taken care of all the 100 students Police registration and helped them get the sim cards.
The students got their University registration done and were then taken to the health check for their full body health check. As informed in orientation programme, Ceeco assisted the students in opening the bank account. Once the the bank account was opened, the Ceeco coordinators at Kerala informed the parents of all the students to transfer the university fees to the personal bank account of the students. The students then paid the university fees and their insurance fees. Once all the registration and fees is paid, the students were taken taken to the visa office in order to renew their visas.
Ceeco International also arranged transport facilities for the students to the visa office, heath check up, for airport pick up. The students were also taken for a campus tour for them to explore the facilities, infrastructure, the environment of the campus, learning activities, support services which they found interesting.
We have been in regular assistance in the students all the needs. Proper help and care were taken till all the students settle down. The CEECO coordinator of students, is the first point of contact for all the students studying In Guangxi Medical University. Students can approach our CEECO Office, which is in the International hostel building of the Campus, where they are accommodated. Service from CEECO International is 24/7 open for everyone in India as well as in China.