We thank Dr. Sudha U.P.V to be a part of Ceeco 15th Anniversary Celebration

CEECO International successfully completed its service for 15 years and had its 15th Anniversary celebration on October 2nd 2019. On this special day of ours, one of the chief guests in programme was Dr. Sudha UPV (Aerospace scientist in Aeronautical Development Agency (DRDO)). Dr. Sudha U P V is working as an Aerospace scientist in Aeronautical Development Agency, which is a part of DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation) , Under Ministry of Defence. Nonetheless she being from Civil Engineering background she switched over her career from civil engineering to Aerospace Engineering by doing PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Indian institute of Science Bangalore. Dr.Sudha UPV did not just be a part of the function but encouraged and inspired the students by delivering a wonderful speech on her involvement and experience in Chandrayan project. She also spoke about the challenges that she had faced in her career and enlightened the students on never to give up in their life to be the best in what they do. Her speech created an aura of positive energy among students to gait up in their career with confidence. She helped the students to boost their self-confidence.Her life story is absolutely motivating and uplifting one.The students were impressed with her extensive knowledge and experience. Dr. Sudha u p v excites audiences with her innovative speech, passion, and her practical advice on how to get things done.

We thank Dr.Sudha UPV to be a part of this special day and share her wisdom to our students.