Pre departure orientation program by CEECO International

CEO of Ceeco International, Mr.Abdul Khader and Director Dr.Jazeer Abdul Khader taking orientation class to Ceeco students

Travelling abroad is exciting as well as scary as you are going to encounter a completely new environment there. There are lot of things we need to learn before travelling abroad for education. A pre-departure program is arranged by CEECO International 15-20 days prior to the departure. Dr. Jazeer Abdul Khader, the Director of CEECO International personally address the students and parents by explaining them the rules and regulations of the countries and its universities. This briefing not only makes the students understand about the universities but also provides them the opportunity to get to know their fellow mates. The instructions regarding travelling, the environment change that the students will be facing and so on will be provided in the pre-departure briefings.

This program is arranged 15 days prior to departure so that both students and parents can be mentally preparad for the travel. This will grant them some time to arrange for belongings the students will need to carry with them.