What is HSK ?

Ceeco International is a guide for HSK

HSK is an examination conducted by ‘Han Ban’, a non-governmental organization to test Chinese language proficiency. It is equivalent to tests like IELTS and TOEFEL conducted for English language. Most educational institutes running both in China and abroad take HSK qualification as the criterion for Chinese language proficiency. The examination is conducted in certain levels ranging from level 1 to level 6 of increasing difficulties with HSK level 6 examination being the highest qualification; a person can attempt any level as per will without the need to clear former levels.

As of now, most Universities, offering MBBS in China, in particular, demand the clearance of HSK level 3 examination in order to complete their respective courses and attain graduation. Recently in some Medical universities the bar is set at the clearance of HSK level 4 examination.

The examination is conducted in 3 parts: – Listening, Reading and Writing; results are published in a percentile basis. There is also some commotions on introducing Medical HSK examinations in China and we cannot ‘unsee’ the possible chance of the examination being announced compulsory for foreign medical graduates in coming years, according to sources.

The other benefit of having an HSK certificate is that, at present there are plenty of universities providing scholarships of various range for courses like Masters and PHD even ones that cover the whole course. This being stated, having an HSK Level 4 or 5 clearance certificate along with other certificates automatically puts the candidate in a better position to be deemed eligible.

Apart from HSK, YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is introduced by ‘Han Ban’ for school going students. It’s basically taught by conducting certain educational activities and basic language classes for students. The main agenda behind the examination is to improve language learning skills in students.

Another exam is HSKK, this examination solely concentrates on colloquial skills. HSKK clearance certificates are demanded by certain firms who look into the Chinese speaking skills of the person. Recently people are seen applying for HSKK alongside HSK examination as well.

Yet another examination is BCT (Business Chinese Test). Being the business hub China is, this examination is for people in business relations with China and the curriculum is prepared accordingly. There are respective books available for all the examinations above stating the curriculum and study materials within.

Students from Guangxi Medical University with HSK Certificate.

One of the prime reasons for opening Chinese language Academy at CEECO is to assist Indian students aspiring to do further studies in China to prepare for the HSK examinations which is a compulsory requirement in most universities. Students can take up long-term, short-term or weekly courses according to convenience and prepare for the examinations. Yet another advantage is that CEECO is also an authorized examination center for conducting HSK examinations. This sees that students can prepare at the facility and also give examinations from the same place making it more convenient.

Chinese teachers and students at Ceeco Chinese Language Academy.

Chinese Government in order to propagate Chinese language has set up test centers in many countries all over the world. India has in total seven test centers and CEECO Chinese Language Academy is one among them as mentioned earlier and the only one in the state of Kerala. Seeing the increasing demand for such centers in India, CEECO plans to set up more sub centers in different parts of the country with a unified curriculum.

Students who attended HSK exam in Aug 2017at Ceeco Chinese Language Academy.

CEECO Language Academy is authorized to conduct all of the tests stated above (HSK level (1-6), HSKK, BCT, YCT) providing examination oriented coaching alongside. Since the institute is authorized directly by ‘Han Ban”, we are constantly updated by the authorities about scholarship schemes and openings in fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Hotel Management, Business studies or tourism management. Interested people are warmly welcomed to enquire the whereabouts and we will always be happy to serve you.