Entire procedure for Notary and Attestation of degree certificates

Ceeco explain the procedure of Notary and Attestation of degree certificates

Many of the students after completing their degree confront the silent question in their mind on what are they going to do. Licensing exam, going back home, remaining in China, how to notarize certificates and which postgraduate programmes to apply and the list goes on…

For application into postgraduate program, registering for licensing exams and some work position after school, students will likely be required to submit notarized copies of their certificates, and in some cases a notarized translated copy would be required if the certificate is issued in a language other than English language. Notarized copies are subsequently attested from Ministry and from the Indian consulate as well.

Such cases becomes very confusing for students about the procedures to follow once they graduate as the form in which documents are received from university may not be sufficient once they return back to India.

Here we are to explain you the step by step document procedures.

Generally, In order to have your documents notarized, you will need to go through four major steps.

-A public Notary/Local Authority

1.Designated Foreign affairs office
2.Designated Ministry of Education
3.Destination country’s Embassy
4.The very first step is to get the certificates like Degree, Graduation, Transcripts and Internship certificate from the University.
5.Once you have your original certificates, you are ready for notarization.
6.At the notary office they would make photocopies of your original documents and also translate into English.
7.After which they would make the photocopied version and the translated version into a booklet with the notary stamp on it.
6.You would also require the photocopy of your passport (front and back), last visa, immigration page and original Passport.
7.The payment for the above procedure depends on the notary office.
8.You will need to take the above mentioned documents to the Ministry of Education, where you will also have to mention the country in which you want to use it for and get the signature and the seal of Ministry of Education.
9.Next, you will need to take this booklet together with your originals to the Designated Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FAO). At the FAO, you would be requested to submit the booklet which you obtained from the Notary office . The FAO will put a “Visa like” seal at the back of the notarized document. This authenticates the Public Notary stamp as original.
10.If you have completed the FAO step, your document is almost done however you still have one more step. This step depends on which country you want to use the documents.
11.The final step for Indian students is to go to Indian Embassy with all the documents :

  • Notary book and its attested photocopy
  • Original passport and a copy
  • Last visa page
  • Original certificates.

12.Indian Embassy stamps the “SEEN IN EMBASSY” seal on the Notary book.
13.After completing these steps your documents are now ready for submission at relevant authorities in India.
14.It is important to check available dates and fees for notarization and attestation. You will also be charged at the public notary, FAO and Embassy for their services.

If you wish to work in other countries like UAE, Qatar etc, it has a different procedure to follow. A lot of Indian students are pursuing their higher education in China, particularly MBBS course in Chinese Government Universities. We hope the above information would help you to plan and prepare accordingly. In case you have any queries or require any assistance, feel free to contact us!