Suggestions and information about 'student life' in China

Why Chinese language ?

‘Why Chinese language if i have enrolled to a course in English medium? ‘ this is probably one of the most asked question to a student by his family, friends, or even to his own self when he/she is planning to take up a medical course in china or any major as a matter of fact . As of now, there is at least 6000 Indian students currently enrolling for MBBS in China every year and the number of overall foreign students who study in china doing various other majors is multiple times the number. So based on our inferences and feedbacks received from students and faculties alike, we would like to share or clarify about the importance of studying Chinese language.

China is a developing nation with ever growing advancements in various fields. China’s current status in almost all fields be it scientific, technological or economical, is beyond our expectations. Yet it’s quiet shocking for a person visiting the country for the first time to know that the overall English proficiency of the country is very low, which is the result of the country’s long exclusion from the outside world. People with no knowledge of Chinese language is certain to have a tough time getting through even basic needs of the day. This also implies that students with poor knowledge of Chinese are seldom able to use the full potential of the facilities provided to them by universities. There’s often a communication gap between faculties and students which acts as a barrier to better utilization of resources and facilities by students. Therefore the sole key to solving this crisis is by learning the language.

To help the cause, every university; though the curriculum is in English, have Chinese as a compulsory subject included in the syllabus up to a certain level. Students are taught the language from downright basics and gradually the level is increased. In case of medical students, there is a specific subject by the name ‘Medical Chinese’ which helps to minimize any difficulties in communicating with the local people as well as the coworkers in hospital. This being said, just the subject being in the syllabus does not solve the real problem, learning a language is a skill to be learnt and practiced.

To an average medical student with the obvious work load he/she has, it might be difficult to inculcate an extra subject. Also the potential to learn a new language differs from person to person. To overcome these challenges, we gathered some suggestions from the present/former students:

-Try Including Chinese language in daily life; Using the language more often when out talking to lenders, shopkeepers etc. Even having small talks with certain localites or any other faculties will contribute towards better learning of the language.
-Making Chinese friends, this is a very effective way to increase your vocabulary and colloquial skills. This will also help the student to get adapted to the life in China and be able to learn more about the Chinese culture and take part in their festivals. In short this is a fun and effective way to learn Chinese.
-Have a mobile dictionary and make frequent use of it, this method also helps to increase vocabulary step by step.

Yet another commonly heard complaint from students is the difficulty in writing Chinese characters rather than speaking, but this problem is alleviated up to a certain point by the use of ‘Pin yin’ which is is the Romanization of the Chinese characters based on their pronunciation.

In short, a little interest and optimism is all you need to tackle the language crisis and have an all-round better learning experience in China.

Our firm, CEECO International Consultancy has been enrolling students to MBBS course in China since 2004; the majority of students from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal ; witnessing and moving hand in hand with the students in their rise and fall. This blog is to share our suggestions and information about ‘Student life’ in China based on our experiences to help upcoming aspirants. We will be back with more updates and news in coming days. Stay tuned.