Chinese calligraphy is the writing of Chinese characters as an art form, this is the combination of purely visual art and interpretation of the literary meaning. CEECO conducts Chinese Language classes for all the freshers when they take admission in Chinese Universities. For the students to be familiar with the basics in Chinese language, CEECO International conducts classes with experienced and certified Chinese teacher. And as a part of Chinese language Class, Chinese calligraphy activity day was conducted for both, the students attending the language class and the staffs of the Company. The Chinese calligraphy has been widely practiced in China using tools like brush, ink; paper and inkstone.The Chinese Calligraphy serve as a medium of revelation and self expression. About 20 students of 2019 batch for Guangxi Medical University and Guangzhou Medical University actively participated in Chinese Calligraphy activity day. It created a good experience for the students to ink the Chinese letters. Not jus the students and the staff of CEECO, but the Director, Dr.Jazeer Abdul Khader and the teacher, Mr. Ravi Ranjan also participated in the activity.

The whole class was filled with energy and fun…!!!